A personal project inspired by noir film aesthetics.

To challenge my design and editing skills, I decided to create a 1-minute instructional video based on a simple baking recipe: red velvet cookies. The goal? Design a simple set, film the footage, and edit everything within 24 hours.

Building the Set

After watching some movies and music videos for inspiration, I decided that I wanted to go outside of my comfort zone in terms of creative direction. Typically, I like to use more minimalistic visuals and soft colour palettes. But I loved the idea of a moodier, more sensual look for the project that matched the decadent feeling of a red velvet cookie. After gathering some ingredients, LED light sticks, backdrops, and props, I built a quick set and got right to shooting. 


Completing this project in under 24 hours was challenging but I loved that it pushed me to plan quickly, think on my feet, and experiment with more graphics/visuals. I was even able to play with different lighting setups and get in some 4K shots for the very first time! I would love to apply this type of process to a more branded experience, such as with beauty products or skincare.



Premiere Pro

Sony A6500

LED Light Wands

Creative Direction

Video Production

Set Design